1. My mum made this knitting project bag today out of fabric we chose together, and I love it! It’s bright pink on the inside!

    I am not a great sewer, although I hope to get better when I have time to practice. I found the tutorial HERE so this is what she used. Being a perfectionist the serging for the lining wasn’t to her taste, so she is making a binding to cover it!

  2. First skein of the corriedale x Icelandic fleece, needs to have a bath still.

  3. I find this immensely satisfying!

  4. Finally knitting a pair of Broken Seed Stitch socks…these have been in my queue for years!

  5. At my mums house, started spinning a bit of the corriedale x Icelandic fleece, absolutely lovely!

  6. Decided to ply it…166.5m

    This will be a gift for my mum

  7. My yarns for embarking on my first colourwork socks.

    The white is Opal, and the hot colours is Fortissima Mexico which I have used before and was very happy with. They have the same fibre content and almost exactly the same yardage.

    I haven’t quite decided on a pattern, I want something not too brain frying, but impressive!

  8. These are some very fragile singles that broke several times when winding onto the niddy noddy which is a shame, beautifully soft though…debating plying it with some thread for stability.

  9. Look at that line up of fibres!!

  10. One pair of finished Hermione’s Everyday socks with my first Fleegle Heel which fits like a dream!

    The yarn is from Countess Ablaze on her Viscount of Spark base, the colour is Positioned Himself to be Nero’s Favourite.

    You can find my project on Ravelry HERE.

    Edit to add… 12 pairs now completed this year! Operation Sock Drawer is well and truly in progress!

  11. Second sock, hopefully I’ll finish by tonight.

    This is a really accurate representation of the colour.

  12. So this is how my mum’s corriedale x Icelandic fleece is looking washed up…absolutely stunning for this tricolour fleece! There is a whole section of lovely browns that haven’t been washed yet!

  13. I’m not the only knitter in the family, my mum is great, just saw this ridiculously adorable jumper she knit my neice! The peach/pink yarn has a good sparkle in it that isn’t showing so well.

  14. My mum is separating locks for washing of this huge Corriedale x Icelandic fleece that she bought at the Bristol Wool Fair. One of our cats, Gizzy, decided it was the perfect place to hang out…she’s fast asleep on it now!

  15. I tried a new construction for my 12th sock of the year. It’s a toe up Hermione’s Everyday with my first ever Fleegle Heel…I ADORE it! The fit is superb!!
    My new favourite heel?!