1. What I’m enjoying this morning

  2. Spinning thin. So nice to get back to the wheel but I have 8oz of this and it will take me FOREVER!

  3. Knitting some socks in preppy colours, love this base!

  4. Here is some merino (it’s actually jet black!) with angelina and sari silk 100g

  5. Look at this gorgeous fibre from @countessablaze that I liberated from the post office depot today!

  6. Woohoo, finished handspun/handspun socks.

    It was absolutely wonderful to knit socks with my handspun. It is a 100% Corriedale fibre and I spun it thin and then chain plied it.

    I have tons left which is great so I’m not sure what it is going to be, probably in a bag with all my other leftover partial skeins. I must take a photo of that soon!

  7. Sock number one, good and done. Sock two just needs a heel now! Fits really well, hugs my foot all over! #handspun #socks

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  8. Onto the second sock, so interesting doing handspun socks!

  9. Ooh I love how this is striping!

    edit to add this is handspun yarn.

  10. I drank FAR too much caffeine yesterday for the first in ages and as a result only slept 3.5 hours. I started a handspun sock!

  11. Glamour shot of finished Picperfic fibres.

  12. I just gave up with this, it’s going to my cousin now! At least it is going to someone who will create something lovely with it, just not speaking to me either spinning wise or knitting!

  13. Pretty accurate, about 1oz into the 8 of Fleece Artist, spinning ridiculously thin

  14. I just got this amazing Fleece Artist fibre in a destash, 200g wool/silk…LOVE IT!!

    I didn’t realise it when I bought it but actually the braid go from darker to lighter, one side mostly blue/purple, the other light brown/forest green. It’s absolutely stunning, and I pulled a little apart and it seem to want to spin really thin!

    I THINK my plan for this is going to be to spin the fibre braid by braid (200g fits on my Louet bobbin) and then chain play it. So excited to start this!

  15. Finished!