1. kill-my-joy said: omg, can I please have the knit pattern to your Chevron blanket??? I love it so much && would love to make one myself!!

    You are in luck, it’s a free pattern that I found through Ravelry :)

    Here is the link to it  CHEVRON BLANKET 
    Love seeing other peoples, it’s a great knit that works up easily because of the large yarn and needles. Enjoy!

  2. theprinceandthepurl:


    French 1 Dutch 2 Taffy 3 Band 4 heel Shaped common heel 9 tip: French 5 Dutch 6 round 7 Reverse Dutch 8 other Afterthought sädekavenus 13 Heel edeellä 10 unnamed 11 Afterthought tape 12 short rows One wedge heel 14 hourglass 15 Sweet tomato 16

    Via Pinterest

    Ho man!

    Worth a reblog for a wonderful resource.

    I was trying to match up the names with some of the pictures and I couldn’t work out a few. Whilst looking I found THIS LINK to the Ravelry page with a lot more information (scroll to the bottom for English).

    (via aminamithri)

  3. First sock off the needles, taking my time with these, I think I burnt myself out a bit on that blanket!!

    Yarn is Twisted Limone and the colourway is Floating By. I’m using my usual 2.5mm needles for this with my standard sock recipe.

  4. One finished blanket that spruces up a very old and tired sofa.

    My project page on Ravelry is HERE and you can find out all my specifics on it.

    I can highly recommend this project, very simple project, endless scope for colour combinations (there are some amazing projects already completed), and easily customisable, this is huge, but you don’t need to do it so big at all!

  5. Excuse the crappy photo but I stayed up to finish this tonight.

    1 double bed sized blanket in a week, I was actually knitting on it for only 4 days, so I’m well chuffed!

    I will have a more detailed post tomorrow in daylight, and specifics like the pattern, needles and yarn that I used, I just needed to use this a a place to gloat as I am suprised I managed to get this done today!

  6. On the last stretch now…we’re into the final charcoal grey colour, Woohoo!! :D

  7. Long journey home crammed into the back of a tiny car, thankfully we have good music, company and I brought some knitting!


  8. mishuheath said: So.. I was Tumblr stalking you this morning.. and I was just curious... how fast do you knit?!?!?! Cause just by looking at your progress with things, you seem to be super speedy.

    Hi there!

    I have to admit that I don’t usually have this much time to devote to knitting, but as a classical musician we have busier times of year and quiet ones…it’s the latter at the moment. 

    Sometimes gigging can take you away from home for weeks on end and you have no time to think, let alone knit, so I like to take my time and enjoy my hobbies! This is my idea of a holiday, stick a series on Netflix and knit away to it with a cup of tea! :)

  9. I think I am doing away with the white, have blue as the middle colour and mirror the greys with purple as the pop of colour on the other side

  10. Colossal knitting day finished…

    I’m on colour number 4 and sitting at around 37” long currently, the colours are all wrong and I think the rows will be slightly different lengths, but so far so good.


  11. somethingfunnyandcreative said: Are you using the chevron baby blanket pattern by escape tricot? Cause I just made one

    Yep I am, trying to plough through it and get a good chunk done at the start so when I inevitably slow down it won’t be quite as much left to do!

  12. So the blanket knitting has begun, already through the first 5oz ball of charcoal grey, currently on mango,

    then it will be light grey. blue, dark grey, purple,light grey, white.

  13. Just got back from teaching and the postie put these through my door. I cannot recommend Wool Warehouse enough, both of my orders came the very next day even when I ordered the at 1:30pm!!

  14. I’m trying to pick a colour order and I desperately need help, what order would you guys use?!

    I can’t believe that the wool that I ordered yesterday for my blanket arrived this morning, fantastic service!

    I was all set to crack on with it until I went searching for a 7mm needle…only to discover I don’t own one, so back to the same website with amazing shipping and it will be here tomorrow. I found the designer of the baby blanket also did a chevron larger size pattern, so I am doing that one.

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  15. Little Maddox just needs some arms now…and a mouth.

    I forgot how much time stuffies take. not my favourite thing to do any more, good for a change though. Will give it to me niece to match the other one I made.