1. Just got back from teaching and the postie put these through my door. I cannot recommend Wool Warehouse enough, both of my orders came the very next day even when I ordered the at 1:30pm!!

  2. I’m trying to pick a colour order and I desperately need help, what order would you guys use?!

    I can’t believe that the wool that I ordered yesterday for my blanket arrived this morning, fantastic service!

    I was all set to crack on with it until I went searching for a 7mm needle…only to discover I don’t own one, so back to the same website with amazing shipping and it will be here tomorrow. I found the designer of the baby blanket also did a chevron larger size pattern, so I am doing that one.

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  3. Little Maddox just needs some arms now…and a mouth.

    I forgot how much time stuffies take. not my favourite thing to do any more, good for a change though. Will give it to me niece to match the other one I made. 

  4. The start of something fun, and not my usual knitting!

  5. It finally finished blocking and I’m in love with it!

    The colours in the first photo are accurate, bright pops of fun. It’s a great length nice and warm. I will DEFINITELY be making more of them!



    Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot

    Well I think it is about time for a new featured pattern. I have been toying with the idea of making an afghan for years, and I found something that appeals to my aesthetic.

    This is actually written as a baby blanket but will be very easy to upsize, and there are plenty of projects on Ravelry with notes for me to peruse. I have actually just bought the yarn that I am planning on using. I wanted an acrylic that is easy to care for, and not scratchy. I found an awesome deal on some Caron Simply Soft, so that is what I have gone for, plus, I just found a 20% code for the website, so, even better deal. 

    Here are the colours that I have plumped for, I actually added a lighter heathery grey as well, just in case. I think that these colours, paired with the simple, geometric pattern will give it a nice contemporary look, like in the Ravelry page.

    Any advice for afghan knitting?!

  7. Blocking

  8. Progress report, onto the lace edging, on the second repeat of Chart A. Loving it, what a great pattern, it’s called Meadow Grass

  9. These skeins finally got their bath.

  10. Next bit of colour…

    A bit of a change from what I have done for a while but I’m liking it!

    Here is my project page on Ravelry, and the page for the pattern Meadow Grass by Heidi Alander.

    I’m using This Ain’t a Scene from Countess Ablaze, and Drops Alpaca in a light grey with 4.5mm needles.

  11. A skein of handspun light fingering weight that I just wound.

    I was unhappy with how I spun it, thought I turned it into clown barf, but I think it doesn’t look as bad caked…maybe a multnomah from it?!

    Edit to add: it’s around 700 yards.


  12. One completed shawl, very happy.

    Yarn is Sylvia Lace by Posh Yarn, border is Fyberspates lace in the white. Used 4mm needles.

  13. 62x27” Blocked

    I thought it would be much longer, but to get the holes round I had to take it out on the sides a lot. Found it easier to block on the WS. Border to add tomorrow.

    Looking forward to getting a border on it I have to say, I think this is an interesting, more contemporary look that I usually make, so I am much more likely to wear it!

    I had to soak this twice. the yarn bled so much, never seen anything like it.

  14. I made a huge chunk of progress on my shawl today. There are two purple stitch markers in the knitting showing yesterday’s progress and today’s as well.


  15. Anonymous said: Hi! do you have the pattern for the arsenic & old lace shawl? It is no longer sold on revelry and I would love to make it. I am a fan of the movie! Thank you!

    I’m afraid I can’t help, I never printed it off as I was working off my computer, I apparently didn’t bother saving it in my library either, so I have an unfinished shawl…sorry I can’t help. Try other people on Rav who have completed it, you might have more luck there!