1. arainbowcupcake said: i've been seeing your posts about all the lovely socks you've made recently, and i was wondering if you could recommend a good first-time sock pattern. i've been wanting to try my hand at them lately but can't seem to find a simple, entry-level kind of pattern and would appreciate the advice of a more experienced knitter.

    This is a great question!

    As someone who saw beautiful socks other people were making all the time, I felt the need to join in and make my own pretty things. I heard stories of the joys of a handknit socks and how it can be tailored to fit your foot exactly…and I wanted that too!

    I tried many different socks, and failed to complete a pair (or even one!!) several times, I thought I was destined to never be a sock knitter. I started with cuff down socks, lots of recommendations for that, and I found the foot always came out the wrong size, no idea what I was doing wrong, safe to say I was fed up.

    Then I heard you could do toe up, so in my last ditch attempt to knit some socks I tried this, and it was a revelation! For some reason this totally clicked for me. I like increasing to the width of my foot, to try it on as I go. I tend on always start with 28sts (14 on each needle) and increase so I have 64sts in total. However, with this method, if I use a heavier sock yarn like my most recent pair, I could see that I only needed 60sts because I could try it on!

    Heels are tricky, I always through, heel flap just totally baffled me and looked really basic when I did them, then I tried the Afterthought Heel and life because so much simpler. The basic idea is that when you get to where the heel is meant to start, you knit half your stitches with waste yarn, and continue just knitting up in the round with your regular yarn. I was trying to find an example from my projects to show you, but I apparently never take a picture of that stage. However, if you you at all the projects that other people have done, you are bound to see what I mean.

    Then you zoom your way to the top of the leg, put in some ribbing and cast off. Pick up your stitches either side of the waste yarn so they sit on the needles and removed the waste yarn. Then follow the pattern (it’s just a toe in reverse!) and voila, a finished sock.

    Doing an afterthought heel is by far an away the easiest first sock pattern in my opinion. :)

  2. I have the biggest sense of accomplishment right now.

    Finished the second skein of Fleece Artist at 796yds/728m of chain ply LACEWEIGHT! This is them twisted together.

    That brings the total for the two skeins of 1391m/1521yds of chain ply from Fleece Artist! The shine on this is ridiculous it’s 65% wool and 35% silk, and simply beautiful.

    It was truly a labour of love and took months, but I am happy that the skeins are about the same weight after changing wheels between the two. Better pictures tomorrow!

    EDIT - fiddled with the picture since it is night time here. That shine is accurate!

  3. Had to take a day to feel a bit better, so have had the chance to spin…spinning so thin takes ages, but hopefully will be worth it.

    I am overdue a post on my blog about this lovely wheel I picked up at Wonderwool a few months ago!

  4. Slow progress on my Holey Square shawl that I’m modifying to be a rectangle. Using Posh Yarns Sylvia Lace.

  5. Finally getting the chance to spin again, a day off at last. On to the last 2oz of this awesome fibre.

  6. These are going to be the most amazing socks… Let’s get winding up!

  7. Finished!

    Washed out colours by the sun, but they have yellow heels as well. This is my 10th pair of socks this year!

    I appear to have the sock bug, and I have amazingly cheerful yarn to cast on the next pair with!

  8. Not a good picture because it’s gone midnight. But one sock complete with contrast heel and fairyisle.

    Pleased-ish with the fit, especially since my first colourwork on a sock that needs to stretch, although would have preferred a little more room in the heel. I think the Wollmeise has very little give to it, so in future if I use it for socks I should do more rounds before the decreases start.

  9. This little cat is happy to be back by my knitting side..

  10. Just got home to discover my mum has finished her amazing blanket…well done mum!

    The yarn is Araucania Lauca in colour 3.

    80% wool / 10% camel / 10% silk 181yds/166m per 100g.

  11. 234m/255yds

    I am really happy with this, it has taken a while to play with my wheel at all recently, but this is a squishy, and lofty yarn, probably DK/Worsted in weight.

    I really struggled to achieve a yarn like this when I first started spinning, and it was near impossible to do on my old Louet, they were always more dense, so I am very happy that this has turned out the way it has!

  12. BBB-Big Beautiful Bobbin

  13. Look at the pretties from @countessablaze!!

    Love the badges, cards and little thank you sticker!

  14. Added a bit of colour and finished it off before heading to work today

  15. Heavier weight sock yarn, I only need 60sts instead of my usual 64…it’s so nice to have a knitting day on a weekend!