1. We have an icord cast on done, all 274 stitches of it…took me AGES but looks gorgeous!

    Now onto corrugated rib, my first time doing it and it started very slowly! I was initially trying to do it like stranded colourwork where I hold both strands on my rand hand just on different fingers, but that didn’t work, it took forever on the purls.

    I decided to try and work the english and continental way of knitting together, knitting the usual way and holding the yarn for purling in my left hand. At first it was really awkward, but I am finally getting quicker at it…just need to relax into it because my shoulders are getting tense haha!

    I’ve decided that I am loveing working in Wollmeise, I can totally see why people rave about it, although it is annoying that it is in such high demand that you cannot easily buy the amount of skeins you need…for example, I need to find another skein of 100% in Natur to finish this…I’m hoping that is all…*fingers crossed*

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