1. Not a good picture because it’s gone midnight. But one sock complete with contrast heel and fairyisle.

    Pleased-ish with the fit, especially since my first colourwork on a sock that needs to stretch, although would have preferred a little more room in the heel. I think the Wollmeise has very little give to it, so in future if I use it for socks I should do more rounds before the decreases start.

  2. Apparently I have a lot LESS money than I thought I did this month and have to pay my rent and bills…argh!!

    So I dove into my Wollmeise stash and am selling these skeins mainly on Ravelry but I might as well put them up here too.

    • Lace Klapperstorch WD £41 incl UK/EU shipping
    • Lace Mond im 7. Haus  - SOLD
    • 100% Blue Caracao WD £22 incl UK/EU shipping
    • 100% Spinaci
    • Twin Golden Pear
    • 100% Versuch - Pending

    Wollmeise is notoriously hard to get hold of so it’s quite a good opportunity to nab some. It’s worth saying that lace skein is nearly 350g!!! and the 100% and Twin skeins are all just over 150g.


  3. Next project.

    Although I have projects on the needles that desperately need to be finished, I am casting on another. Let me go through everything for you so you get an idea:

    • Beatnik - Halfway-ish through the back panel, that’s all I’ve done. Cables are so hard and so many that I need to sit down and dedicate a month to this project alone!!
    • Ellington Socks - I think these poor things have been sat unfinished for such a long time! I have one sock done, although I’m not happy with the toe so I will have to go back and fix that. Second one is cast on to the ribbing, but again, fiddly cables mean that I have put it off for a long time (can you see a pattern emerge?!).
    • Paper Dolls sweater - I am going to frog this. The fact that I chose Wollmeise to knit it in meant I don’t have enough Natur to finish it, and plus with the MILLION stitches and tiny needles, I lost love for it ages ago.
    • Stockholm Scarf - I cast on another of these since I wear the first so much. I’m just being really slow with knitting it. I’m not excited to knit it because I already have one, and made 2 already, although I know I will get a lot of wear out of them! Should be a quick finish if I can spend a few days on it.

    So that is a bit of a projects update. Upon finding said box of Wollmeise, I set out to find some patterns for some of it. 

    I have a skein of Kornblume which I have just caked, I SERIOUSLY need a new balls winder, mine is on the verge of death and is refusing to work properly, they are £35 for a Royal one though, not the crappy one I got off eBay.

    Anyways, I digress, 100% Kornblume is going to be a Lady of the Blue Forest lace shawl. It’s been a while since I had to sit down with a chart and properly think about what I am doing. It also uses 1 ball of 100% so I can cross it off my list!

    I’m off to make some tea and cast on!

  4. I went looking in a yarn box under my bed to realise that it is all in fact Wollmeise…to my shame!

    I think I found out where all my money went! :-/

    There is some stuff in there I didn’t even remember buying…curse you OCD!!

  5. HERE IT IS!!!

    The Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Välimäki

    This was my latest project that I have been working on, and probably a little unfairly kept from you all.

    It needs a bath and a strong block. I think it should be fine but something in the back of my head is worried about bleeding. I think I might give it a cold bath and slowly introduce warmer water. Then I had an idea about a better place to block it. I have a fold out sofa in my living room, much easier to pin into than floorboards!

    Yarns used were Wollmeise 100% in Witchelwalzer and Twin in Kuken. Knit on 4mm ChiaoGoo needles.


    Blocking it now, stretched measurements are 75” x 37” . Very happy with that. Can’t wait to show the knitters tomorrow!


  6. I thought I could finish it tonight…I can’t :(

    I’ve been knitting for hours but this border is eating up not only many HOURS, but SO MUCH YARN!!!

    I’m meant to be going for 4 inches border…just popping to get my measuring tape…

    Noooo…only 3 inches so far! I’ll have to knit another 10 rows before my bind-off. Each row is taking 10+ mins so I will probably need another 2 hours of solid knitting. I’m still not sure which cast off to do yet.

    I want to leave this and give my hands a rest, but I want to finish it so I can block and wear it, then start on my next project that I am very excited about!


  7. Today’s update is brought to you…

    …by sleep deprivation!

    I wholly blame it on the Knit Girllls as well! I don’t know how I have managed to be completely oblivious to their podcast for so long but I have definitely been catching up on them and knitting along. Unfortunately knitting until anywhere between 2 and 6am for the past few nights.

    I needed to be at work at 6:30am this morning so you can imagine how wonderful I felt!

    I am making good progress on my latest scarf. As you saw from the photo it is indeed garter stitch, which is something I used to loathe, but I am actually quite enjoying it at the moment. I think I am probably 80% through it now and just have the lengthy border to get through after powering through for any hours last night. I am also knitting it in Wollmeise, one is 100% and the other is Twin, but the colours are BEAUTIFUL together! I cannot wait to show you guys!

    It has totally kicked my knitting mojo into action again and I have the next scarf planned already and the skein I want to use. 

    I should also have some time in the next few weeks to sit and enjoy myself a bit after working like a demon for the past 3 months!

    I’m still spinning the superwash merino and nylon blend. I have actually only managed one spindle full so far because I am being a bit slow, but I also have 150g to get through this time. I’m plying on the fly again after getting such great results, and I’m really loving the colours so far!


  8. I am finally getting some knitting time, I think it has been about a month since I managed to get a good chunk of time free to relax.

    Working on my Paper Dolls sweater, just finished the decreases and about to check how much I need to knit for the waist. The issue is with Wollmeise (typically!) is that I need more yarn in natural 100%.

    I will have to post in the In Search Of forum on Ravelry to try and find some more, but my plan for today is basically just to finish knitting this first ball. It should give me a good idea of whether I need to buy another ball, or 2 just to make sure!

    Picture of progress will come later, although it is rather boring just plain stockinette.


  9. Ok, that’s it…

    I am a Wollmeise HOAR!

    I have spent FAR too much on wool, I desperately need to sell some things on eBay now to pay for it…oops.

    I managed to get a lace in Safran, it’s that sort of yellow like my favourite lace shawl that moths bloody ate, so I am going to make something similar in it to ease up the wear on my first shawl.

    Apart from that I got a Twin in Golden Pear, which I have a plan for already, and then a Gemischt bag in 100%…I need to stop now and actually knit up my stash, it’s overgrown my organiser.

    Tagged #HOAR #wollmeise
  10. We have an icord cast on done, all 274 stitches of it…took me AGES but looks gorgeous!

    Now onto corrugated rib, my first time doing it and it started very slowly! I was initially trying to do it like stranded colourwork where I hold both strands on my rand hand just on different fingers, but that didn’t work, it took forever on the purls.

    I decided to try and work the english and continental way of knitting together, knitting the usual way and holding the yarn for purling in my left hand. At first it was really awkward, but I am finally getting quicker at it…just need to relax into it because my shoulders are getting tense haha!

    I’ve decided that I am loveing working in Wollmeise, I can totally see why people rave about it, although it is annoying that it is in such high demand that you cannot easily buy the amount of skeins you need…for example, I need to find another skein of 100% in Natur to finish this…I’m hoping that is all…*fingers crossed*

  11. I might have ended up in Loop.

    I’ve had very little sleep but I might have bought more than I should have! Two more pictures to come!

  12. Here it is guys!!

    Blocking on my floor at the moment. I apologise for the quality, it’s dark outside now and I only have patterned towels. I hate that we have only floorboards in the house, pushing the pins in is agony!

    Happy with the size it’s blocked to, was a little worried when I first got it off the needles.

    It was 60” x 18” and now it has grown amazingly to 76” x 36”! So it’s pretty much the same size as my Eiffel Tower Shawl that I wear constantly to death!

    What’s even better is that I worked out it only took me just over a week because some days I didn’t even touch it! Yay! I’m very happy.

    What do you guys think?

  13. Here is an update on the Ethereal Triangular Shawl I am knitting.

    As you can see I’m on the border now and quite a way in. I’m pretty happy with it so far and I’ve made considerably fewer mistakes whilst knitting this lace than in past attempts at making shawls.

    I’m hoping it will block out to a good size, it’s looking ok at the moment but I have no experience with Wollmeise. Does anyone know if the lace garn blocks well? 

    On row 70 of 82 at the moment but seeing as there are around 520 stitches on my needle at the moment the rows are going slowly. I’m terrified to make a big mistake on this k2tog/k2tbl and yo combination, no idea how I would fix it!

  14. Update -

    - Here is what I managed to do, I now have 8 leaves off the main stem. The picture shows just one side of the shawl, couldn’t get it all in one shot easily.

    - I have a dilemma though doe tonight. Now I’m really excited about it and want to move onto the next chart, but I have a long day working tomorrow! Hmm…

  15. I’m progressing with my shawl, I’ve got 6 main leaves now, 3 more repeats of this chart to go I think. I want it to be quite big. From when I stretch it out I think the leaves will almost double in size.

    Did I mention the fact I way using Addi LACE needles for this one?! I bought them at Knit Nation this year to see how they were. I love using regular Addi needles for lace because the work just glides over, much nicer when you are 500+ stitches a row.

    These are different in a couple of ways. The tip is more pointed and has a longer taper until the prescribed diameter. These are made of brass and have a resin seal over them, which apparently gives a hint of drag to the needles, not something I  have particularly noticed, and the cable is thinner and more flexible then the regular Addi needles.

    I have to say I really love them, but the smell of brass is quite noticeable on my hands. Each time I use them it gets less and less, so I think this may just be something that occurs at the beginning. That and I have a very sensitive nose! :)